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3 Great Places for a Hiking Adventure in Krabi

January 3, 2020
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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Krabi, a paradise for many tourists, is known to be one for hiking lovers out there. Most of its landscape is made up of stunning mountains, sheer limestone cliffs, and beautiful mangrove forests. Being home to many different national parks with plenty of hiking trails to be found, anyone out there looking for an unforgettable hiking adventure should do so in Krabi.

From scenic walks through the forests, to challenging hikes that take a day or two, there are plenty of options for anyone seeking to trek through Krabi.

With that said, if you’re looking to hike in Krabi, here are three places you can do so:

1. Bang Khram Nature Reserve
If you’re looking to reward your hiking efforts with a refreshing swim, head for the Bang Khram Nature Reserve. While it offers you a wonderful hiking experience, the real treasure here is the emerald pool you’ll encounter. The lake changes color throughout the day, so if you ever visit the place at different times, you’ll notice that it looks different.

This feature makes the lake truly magical in a sense that, at one point, it can be a deep blue pool that looks amazingly cool and, at another point, is an emerald lake instead.

Pass this lake are natural jacuzzis sporting hot water from a nearby hot-water spring, creating mini-waterfalls before coming together to create a stream. If you find that your muscles are aching and need to relax, feel free to dip in the waters. People believe that these waters have healing properties, and you should use this to your advantage.

2. Hang Nak Mountain
If you want your hike to reward you with a breathtaking view, Hang Nak Mountain is the place to go. While the hike itself is truly outstanding, the reward itself is at the summit of the mountain. Up there, you can see all Krabi’s pristine beaches, along with a panoramic view of the entire valley below the mountain.

If you’re looking to take a stunning picture, there is a piece of rock that sticks out over the valley. Of course, you can go ahead and sit there and take amazing photos but be careful. We don’t want anyone to be falling there anytime soon.

The climb itself, while rewarding as we mentioned, is quite a challenge. It is particularly steep, not to mention, can take around two hours to complete even by a relatively fit individual. The hike’s total distance is approximately 3.7 kilometers, so you’ll need to be ready for that. However, the path is well-marked, so you won’t lose your away if you follow it.

3. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
Named after the Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain, this park stands the tallest among other parks, at around 1.3km above the sea level. The main attraction is the multi-level waterfall, Nam Tok Huay To, offering an excellent place for you to cool down during your hike.

To reach the top of the mountain, there are two routes you can take. The first route will take you around four days and three nights, and the second route will take three days and two nights. As you can tell, you’ll have to be prepared to take on the hike. Fortunately, the hiking trails offer plenty of beautiful views. You’ll feel as if you’re walking through a cloud, and you’ll come across plenty of gorgeous waterfalls and secluded caves along the way.

Just note that there are many different trails here, so talk to the ranger to ensure you don’t start on the wrong one.

In conclusion, Krabi is home to many national parks, and that means plenty of places to take your hiking adventures. With amazing waterfalls, stunning views, and mysterious caves to greet you along your trek, the hiking adventure itself is the reward, while the stunning views and beautiful pools of water at the end are just cherries on top. We’re rated as one of the best resorts in Krabi. Contact us today to book your stay.