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Sometimes all it takes is for a relaxing time off in order to recharge yourself. It is well-known that wellness vacation does wonders for mind and body, we have it here in Tubkaak Boutique Resort. The purpose can be as simple as setting aside time to disconnect or slightly more complex and spiritual. Whatever the intention, a wellness vacation kick-starts a new approach to a functional lifestyle and puts you on a path to personal discovery.

Getting close to nature and reaping its valuable benefits by utilizing natural spring water prosper with vitamins and minerals delivered from the Dragon Crest Mountain nearby the resort for bathing in the room and l’escape spa to smooth your skin and calm your soul for laid-back and relaxation stay.

Below are the wellness and therapeutic courses that you can choose from in our resort,

Activities in Krabi | Things to do at The Tubkaak Resort

Wellness spa

Amidst tranquil haven in Krabi natural landscape, we place equal importance on all aspects of your wellbeing, with an ultimate goal to awaken a lasting sense of health and wellness through internal peace and clarity. L’escape spa, our exceptional luxury Thai therapeutic healing, will guide you towards a seamless treatment experience in order to unwind your body, mind and soul. With our highly skilful and attentive team of onsite practitioners and visiting wellness experts, we would like to invite you to discover a wide range of treatments blending physical alignment and massage therapies, meditation, together with longevity procedures among many other bespoke techniques.

Activities in Krabi | Things to do at The Tubkaak Resort

Guided Meditation

45 minute 1,500 baht/session
Upon availability

This meditation technique helps you to clear energy blockage within yourself, help you slow down your action, words and thoughts. Allow yourself to redirect your focus and mindfully. You will experience 15 mins of workshop on meditation and Chakras before we will begin our guided meditation, guided meditation time is 30 mins.

Activities in Krabi | Things to do at The Tubkaak Resort

Ocean therapy

Break away from your daily routine and delve down to free yourself with a range of ocean therapy activities from us. There is literally nothing as relaxing as the air from the ocean breeze. Getting away from the beach, staying on top of the paddle board, and surrounded with blue color, it rewires your stressed out brain and exhausted body from the city stay. Relax and realign with a yoga retreat program by the beach to uplift your mind and energize your body for a fresh day start.

Activities in Krabi | Things to do at The Tubkaak Resort

Forest therapy

Leaving stress behind and letting forest therapy or forest bathing connect you with nature. Forest bathing will antitoxin to hectic urban life, and makes you calm and quiet among trees, which effectively sooth the body and mind, improve sleep, concentration and overall immunity. Immerse yourself in a true nature experience beside Tubkaak Boutique resort at the Ngorn Nak mountain for a trekking activity of 3.7 kilometres. Ngorn Nak summit offers breathtaking views that differ from mountain to mountain. Common sights include a sea of clouds, towering rock formations, rolling hills, as well as panoramic views of winding rivers, picturesque lakes.

Activities in Krabi | Things to do at The Tubkaak Resort

Herbal steam and saline water plunge pool

อบสมุนไพรเพื่อ detoxผิวและการหายใจ For our guests’ beyond unwinding and revitalising experience, we would like to offer an exclusive feature of an exceptional saline water plunge pool with a cozy herbal steam to make your blissful holiday a story to remember. With the touch of our finest natural products prepared delicately by our professional team, we ensure a journey of boundless healing and meticulous restoration awaits. A combination of bountiful local herbs scattered at the steam ensures breathtaking natural surroundings with authentic retreats for skin detoxification and muscle relaxation, conjointly sauna heat to eliminate pores enlightening your skin beauty for wholesome experience.