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4 Tips to Help You Create a Memorable Beach Vacation in Krabi

February 11, 2020
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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A beach vacation is always an exciting experience no matter which beach you visit. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone to get together with friends and family, participating in a myriad of fun activities, strengthening relationships, and creating lasting memories. While this might make beaches sound like they’re just the best place to have fun, there are a few things you must do before you head out. Failure to do so might leave you with a less-than-ideal beach vacation trip, not one you’ve always looked forward to.

That said, here are four tips to help you create a memorable beach vacation:

1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

You might be flooded with ads and banners telling you that you need to buy this or that type of sunscreen. Well, before you head out to the beach, you’ll need a bottle of one.

Unlike the sunscreens of old, today’s sunscreen isn’t thick and shiny. They come in a variety suited for all types of skin and even come with their perfume. Still, the most crucial aspect of sunscreen is its high SPF rating. That said, buy sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30, and don’t forget to put it on before you head out to the beach and swim in the water.

2. Don’t Pack Last Minute

Whatever you do, don’t pack last-minute. That’s just asking for trouble.

When you’re in a hurry, you’re more prone to pick random things, pack them all in the bag, and find out later when you arrive at your destination that you’ve forgotten something important or packed the wrong item.

That said, pack ahead of time. Do some research on the place you’re going to and the activities you’re going to do. That way, you have a rough idea of what you’ll need to pack for the right activities.

3. Pack as Light as Possible

On the topic of packing, don’t pack your entire home. Remember, you’re going on vacation, and the last thing you want to deal with is heavy luggage when arriving at and leaving the destination.

That said, pack only the essential items. If you’re going to the beach, pack your swimsuit, shorts, towels, and so on. Don’t pack your high-heels or your suit if you don’t need it, because they’ll only end up being ruined.

4. Bring Extra Underwear

Underwear barely takes up any space, and they’re the piece of clothing you’ll change quite often. Especially during emergencies, you’ll never know if you need to swap out your swimsuit or underwear.

That said, pack a little more underwear than you might need. For example, you might dip into the beach. Suddenly, you’re called to town for something. You’ll need to change out your underwear and head out. However, you come back later to take another swim. If you have plenty of undies, you don’t have to bother changing it out. You still have plenty of underwear to change into later.

Bottom Line

A beach trip is only as fun as how well you prepare for it. If you have all that you need and plan smartly before the trip, you’re going to have a wonderful beach vacation. If you pack the last minute, you might forget essential items and arrive on the scene barely ready to swim. You’ll end up dealing with a ruined trip that hasn’t even started. Pack smart, and enjoy your beach vacation!

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