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4 Ways to Cool Down from the Extreme Heat in Krabi

November 8, 2019
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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The heat and humidity in Krabi can leave anyone with heatstroke, but it doesn’t discourage tourists from visiting the area. Over six million people visit all year round, and the volume only increases from November to April when the sun is hotter.

When you’re in Krabi and feeling the heat, you won’t be able to find as many places with air-conditioning units. Quite a few restaurants and shops keep it al fresco. This means they only have huge windows to let the air come in or use electric fans to generate a breeze. If you can’t face another day without relief from Krabi’s heat, there are many ways you can cool down.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to keeping yourself calm and refreshed during the daytime in Krabi:

1. Look for shady spots.

There are leafy trees near the water. This is where restauranteers conveniently place their establishments. If you feel like the sun’s too angry for your welfare, don’t fight it. Head to Sabai Ba-Bar in the Jungle. Their treehouse kitchen located near the river is protected from the heat and humidity. It’s also a cool place to relax and drink something refreshing like a bottle of beer or some cold coconut milk.

Aside from this place, consider stopping by The Last cafe at Ao Nang which has tables and chairs placed under huge Acacia trees. It’s an excellent place to wait for the sun to go down. There’s plenty of other tourists to hang out with, too, so you won’t feel out of place.

You can always head out to the National Parks, too, where you can swim on emerald, ice-cold waters at the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. This virgin rainforest is an hour’s drive from Ao Nang and opens every day on daylight hours.

2. Go underwater

Scuba-diving is one of the excellent ways to get off the heat and the sun, and Krabi boasts plenty of scuba-diving spots. The colorful fish and corals will take your breath away and will make you feel like you are part of the marine life.

If you’re traveling with kids and they’ve grown tired of the hotel pools, take them to Heaven-7. The place has plenty of water amenities that will keep them occupied for the whole day!

3. Look for the breeze.

Don’t just lie there waiting for the ocean breeze while the sun scorches your skin. Drive and go look for the breeze! Hire a four-by-four and go on a road trip up the Krabi mountains. Go for a Hang Nak Nature Trail, where you can enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view.

If that won’t work for you, hire a yacht and retreat to the ocean. The breeze is sure to be there, but take extra care to protect yourself from the UV rays. You won’t feel so much of the sun’s heat when the wind is on your face.

4. Stay indoors.

If the outdoors are just too much to bear, some options will keep you fresh. There are still many establishments in Krabi equipped with air-conditioning. If you want to go shopping, head to the AC cooled boutiques or book an hour or two inside a massage spa outlet or salon. You can also eat ice cream to your heart’s content at Haagen Dazs Gelateria down at the beach road.

If you’d rather walk while AC units cool you down, head to the marts. Tesco, Big C, Outlet Village, and Makro are a few fantastic options. These places have their AC unit turned up all day.

While you’re waiting for the sun to go down doing all the activities listed above, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Krabi can sometimes become hell on earth with the excruciating heat of the sun, so don’t let it beat you. That’s because as the sun goes down and the night lights turn on, you’ll be transported into a different world. Krabi is worth every Celsius on the thermometer—after all, it’s a paradise!

If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Krabi, get in touch with us today to book your stay!