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5 Tropical Drinks for Relaxation in Your Next Beach Vacation in Krabi

January 17, 2020
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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4-12 years
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If you’re looking to unwind from your hectic routine in the city, there’s nothing more freeing than going to the beach. Taking a getaway trip to your dream island destination is the best time to indulge in relaxing activities, which calls for soaking the sun with a refreshing drink on hand.

Speaking of which, cocktails and beach trips are a match made in heaven for the ultimate summertime vacation. If you want to refresh your palate beyond the usual six-packs of beer, the list below explores different beverages you should add to your vacation must-haves:

1. Beach-Bum Rum Punch

For beach bums who want to unwind by the beach with friends, you can taste the excitement of living a tropical life by creating a beach-worthy rum punch. Take some lemonade, cranberry juice, and blend it with white rum for the perfect summertime drink that packs a punch! It’s also an excellent way to loosen up your nerves, making it the ideal partner for de-stressing by the sand with like-minded company.

2. Canned Caipirinhas

If a beach vacation had a taste, it would be canned caipirinhas. Melding fresh lime juice, demerara sugar, and the central spirit of Brazil called cachaca, every gulp refreshes the mind and body as the fizz enhances the brightness of the tangy drink. Meanwhile, the subtle sweetness from the sugar cane adds a mature, nectarine depth to it. When you combine it all in one drink, the cocktail makes for a delicious pick-me-up.

3. Virtu Rose Cider

The mix of sourness and sweetness of peach and nectarine adds a nice punch to this virtue rose cider, while the smoky bitters give the drink much-needed depth. A mix of sweet and tarty, you can expect to taste luxury in this cocktail as it is made from 100% heirloom Michigan apples and aged in French oak barrels. A blend of botanicals gives the drink’s signature pink hue, capturing the colors of a sunset by the beach.

4. Pisco Punch

Concocting the perfect summertime beverage is the main inspiration behind Pisco Punch, a cocktail that takes its spin on the famous Pina Colada. It uses pisco, lemon juice, and pineapple gomme syrup to balance invigorating flavors. The alcohol is enough to give you a wakeful start, while the citrus blend enhances the brightness. The sweet touch from the fruity syrup softens the drink, making it as refreshing as the ocean breeze.

5. Stillhouse Coconut Whiskey

Whiskey is typically a liquor meant for drinking neat for individuals with a mature palette. But going to the beach is all about relaxing and staying away from rigid rules, so its the ideal time to indulge in whiskey flavored with stillhouse coconut. The smooth yet robust flavor of the whiskey is enough to warm the body and loosen inhibitions, while the freshness of toasted coconut gives it a unique touch.

The Bottom Line

Beach trips and cocktail drinks make up the perfect summer vacation, so don’t miss out on playing around with your options by adding the beach bum drinks above to your getaway essentials! We’re rated as one of the best resorts in Krabi. Contact us today to book your stay.