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4 Reasons to Celebrate Your Dream Wedding In Krabi Thailand

December 9, 2019
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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Choosing the perfect place to have a wedding, for most couples, is a task that can easily prove to be a nightmare and struggle due to the millions of choices that are available nowadays. From mountainside getaways to near-perfect plains around the French Riviera, there are various options to consider.

The trouble, however, is that the most amazing options to choose from are often the most expensive out of the bunch. While a marriage at the top of the Eiffel Tower or a one-of-a-kind African safari might seem like a great way to celebrate your union, the hefty price tag can act as a barrier. Fortunately, a perfect wedding getaway doesn’t always have to break the bank or force you into debt—as long as it’s going to be a beach wedding in Thailand.

Let’s face it, a beach wedding in Thailand (or Krabi, in particular) may not have been the first option that came to mind, but nothing could ever seem more perfect now that the idea’s in the picture. Perfect white beaches, a one-of-a-kind sunset, amazing locals, great food, and crystal-clear turquoise waters—what’s not to love?

Celebrating your wedding in Thailand, however, is far more than just celebrating your relationship milestone in one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. If you’re still having a few doubts over why you should celebrate your wedding in this country, here are a few reasons to keep in mind:

1. The beaches

To start this list of reasons off, let’s go with the most obvious reason out of all: Thailand’s own breathtaking beaches. Krabi, in particular, is home to some of the world’s most captivating tropical settings, featuring dozens of examples of fine, white-sand beaches that can have you daydreaming for months. Saying “I do” with a backdrop of a gradient sunset and an unmistakable turquoise horizon atop one of Krabi’s perfect beaches will do your emotions justice, especially when you’ve cordoned off the area for yourselves.

2. Great service is abundant in Thailand

Whether it may be from the Tuktuk driver that you hailed or the front desk attendant at the five-star hotel you booked in, great service is absolutely everywhere in Thailand. Thailanders, in particular, are famous for being one of the most welcoming people in the world, which essentially translates to even greater service during your wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. Krabi’s own locals, for instance, take a certain level of pleasure in serving foreigners, making it much easier to have a stress-free experience on your big day.

3. It costs a whole lot less to have the perfect wedding

Thanks to Thailand’s costs of living being one of the lowest in the world, it is very much possible to not spend an immense amount of money (on top of an excessive amount of effort) on having your dream wedding. The average cost of a wedding with 50 guests in Thailand is 50 to 60 percent less than the costs for the same number of guests in the western part of the world.

By having your wedding in Thailand, you can go all-out in every part of the planning process, from the music and ceremonies all the way to the setting and floral arrangements. It is also worth noting that that accommodation costs in Krabi (such as Tubkaak Krabi resort) are much lower than anywhere else.

4. The culture

With grandiose and culturally-rooted ceremonies to hosting that have a modern adaptation of Thai customs and beliefs, Thailand’s culture is one of the most diverse, yet immersive. If you’re looking to turn your wedding theme up a notch, then you can do a Thai-style wedding complete with traditional attire, solemn ceremonies, beautiful Thai flowers, and lively music!

Final words

Having a beach wedding in Thailand is commonly regarded as one of the best ideas to capitalize on due to the quirks and unique selling points that the country has as a wedding destination. If you’re looking to plan a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, then set your sights on Thailand and get to planning right away!

If you are looking to have a beach wedding in Krabi, Thailand, get in touch with us – we will make your wedding a memorable one.