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How Swimming Improves Your Mental Health Fortitude

March 9, 2020
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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When compared side-by-side with traditional and newer forms of exercise, swimming never fails to establish itself as the supreme form of physical activity above all else.

As opposed to running or lifting weights, the intensity that swimming fosters with every stroke requires much more effort and helps train the heart and muscles to move from point to point as quickly as possible. While it may undeniably be a supreme form of exercise in terms of how it can help train the body, however, swimming is also beneficial for improving mental health.

The relationship between swimming and mental health

No matter where you take a dip in the world, swimming helps put the mind at ease to the point that you’ll be able to experience a greater therapeutic sensation. You may not necessarily know the sensation of relaxation itself, but there’s no denying the fact that you’ve felt it every time you’ve gone for a swim.

To better understand exactly swimming is so great for one’s mental health, let’s look at three clear benefits that come with suspending gravity and moving back and forth in water:

1. Swimming helps keep your mind in perfect shape

In a scientific study done to explain the exact relaxing experience that people feel when swimming, it has proven that being immersed in water helps boost the blood flow to the brain. As a result, you are greeted with a calming experience every time you swim.

By boosting the blood flow to the brain, swimming leads to a boost in the supply of glucose, oxygen, and various nutrients that all help induce a positive impact on the brain. Given the abilities that swimming contributes to the improvement of one’s brain, it’s safe to say that the water-based activity is also conducive for fostering major cognitive developmental milestones.

2. Swimming helps to ease up your depression and anxiety

For as little as a half-hour at a time, swimming has been shown to be conducive for lowering anxiety and depression while improving sleep patterns as well. Thanks to the fact that regular swimming sessions help with releasing endorphins, the body gets the hormone it needs to easily combat depression and anxiety, resulting in a state that helps foster mental recovery.

3. Swimming helps to relieve stress

Another key benefit that comes with swimming is that it drastically helps with supporting the body’s stress relief efforts as well. The mere experience of suspending one’s body and being in contact with any type of water is set to help both the body and mind loosen up and let go of all the stress that builds up from within.

For instance, diving into Krabi’s clear aquamarine waters helps put the mind and body in the perfect state of relaxation. By leaving oneself to think no more about the water that one is in the rhythm of the strokes taken and the techniques used to move around, you can easily release your stresses.


Swimming regularly not only helps keep the heart in perfect shape and builds muscles, but also has profound effects on the mind and gives it the space it needs to unwind, relax, and cope with the challenges of everyday life.

If you want to rest your brain with a much-needed set of back-to-back swimming sessions in the Andaman Sea by Krabi’s world-famous shores, then get yourself the experience you deserve by booking your stay at Tubkaak Krabi resort today! We’re a resort in Krabi – get in touch!