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Our Guide to the Best Island Tours to Explore Krabi

November 15, 2019
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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Located right in the heart of southern Thailand’s west coast, Krabi is regarded as one of the world’s foremost tropical escapes. A simple glance on the island will tell you exactly why it’s revered as such.

Characterized by its 100-plus offshore, white-sand and blue-water islands, a lush array of flora, and unmistakable limestone cliffs, Krabi is the textbook definition of the term “paradise.” Thanks to its one-of-a-kind natural landscapes and immaculate beaches, Krabi continues to enjoy growing numbers of international tourists with each passing year. A trip to Krabi will most likely leave you asking whether you’ve made it to heaven, as most visitors who have set foot in the destination say that it’s the closest any human can get.

The province of Krabi is best experienced through an island tour simply because of all the incredible, breathtaking, and picture-perfect islands that can be found beyond its coast. Krabi’s island tours are known for a variety of reasons, but going on the tour itself will tell you exactly why with no more than the sight of each island and the sound of the turquoise waters.

Every island tour provides various ways to enjoy Krabi, ranging from opportunities to snorkel in the Andaman Sea all the way to simply walking on the sand. As opposed to other destination activities, all a Krabi island tour needs to keep visitors coming back for more is the province’s water, sun, and sand. You may find it that one Krabi island tour is not enough to see the entire beauty of Krabi.

Here are a few Krabi Island tour options to consider:

A day trip unlike any other in the world: Krabi Island Tour Day Trips

With set stops on various otherworldly islands, such as Koh Gai, Koh Tup, and Koh Poda, a Krabi Island Tour Day Trip is the best way to know the province up close and personal in a short amount of time. The standard trip setup consists of an early morning departure and an early-to-late afternoon arrival, making it the perfect option for tourists visiting for a limited time. Various activities—such as swimming and snorkeling in some of the world’s bluest waters and trying out some of Thailand’s most remarkable dishes—are on the itinerary, so come prepared.

One destination, a million words: A trip to the Phi Phi Islands

If you’re looking to relax and stay put in one destination but make the most out of your time in Krabi, then a trip to the Phi Phi Islands is the way to go. Located in a sweet spot right between Phuket and the western part of the Strait of Malacca, Phi Phi is Thailand’s poster child for its status as the gold standard of beaches. One special factor that sets the Phi Phi Islands apart is the magical way it arises from the sea in a fortress-like manner, easily making anyone feel like they have their own private island.

Looking to feel starstruck: The Phang Nga Bay tour

Widely known as the “James Bond Island” for its appearance in “The Man With The Golden Gun,” Phang Nga Bay hosts an immense number of tours and tourists yearly for two reasons. One, it’s an unmistakable setting that has made a name for itself in the 007 franchise. Two, the bay itself is the closest anyone can ever get to natural perfection.

The mere sight of Phang Nga Bay’s landscape alone acts as a preview of the immaculate sights and sounds that are to come upon setting foot in the area. Pristine white beaches, lush jungle forests, water that spans across various blue gradients, and unhampered cave formations comprise this Earthly paradise. It is worth noting, however, that Phang Nga Bay is also home to a significantly large population of pearl-breeding fish, which is a neat treat to see during a tour of the island.

An island tour is undoubtedly the best way to know the province of Krabi for the true paradise it is, with every trip providing a unique perspective of the area through its hundreds of beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect way to explore Thai’s very own paradise, then taking these three tours to the various world-renowned islands of Krabi is the way to do so!

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