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4-12 years
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Unfolding The Tale of Naga

Beginning your journey at underwater world on Tubkaak Beach

The Tubkaak Krabi firstly coordinates with Suntan Sour taking everyone to join a wonderful trip exploring treasure of underwater world story through free diving.

A distinct uniqueness’s of this program are snorkeling / freediving with a warm heartful

to rest your soul with accommodation and Michelin Star local food under the luxury concept of Tubkaak style.

How we began
Suntan x Peduckk x Tubkaak

Our free-diving trip began with our passion for the local way of living and life underneath the Krabi ocean. Our collaboration with Suntan Soul and Peduckk will unfold the story of local life between 13 forested islands in front of our resort. As these natural shelters protect us from harsh waves and strong wind and also homes of little creatures of the ocean that we would like to protect as best we can. This trip is inspired by the connection between nature and our soul. The trip aims to fully recharge your mind and spirit through free diving. Our collaboration with Suntan Soul and Peduckk is designed to fill you with positive energy and capture the moment of your shining soul through the sharp eye of Peduckk who will interpret nature as it is to you.

Relax & Reconnect

This program is designed by Tommy Freediver Thailand for those with little or no experience in freediving or non – swimmer.

1-hour pool session

Course structure

Preparation of equipment for snorkeling and freediving

Practice of breathing technique in the water

Duck dive

Intro Freediving Course

This program is an introduction to the sport and designed for those with little or no experience in the ocean or who have no formal freediving education.

1.30-hour theory

2 hours in the water

Program Structure


Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines

Familiarization with essential freediving equipment

Freediving technique – how to move efficiently underwater

Equalization techniques

Breathing techniques

Hydration and diet

Safety points

Water Session

Preparation of equipment

Practice of breathing technique in the water

Practice efficient kicking technique

Practice of body positioning

Buoyancy check

Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 12 meters


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