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Why You Should Go Elephant Trekking When in Krabi

December 23, 2019
The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort
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Elephants are an integral part of Thailand’s culture and history. The white elephant became the symbol of royalty when Buddha’s mother dreamt of receiving a lotus flower from a white elephant. White elephants are so rare that they only hit the center stage during royal duties. It is also regarded as a sacred animal due to its Buddhist and Hinduist significance.

The country’s love affair with this strong yet gentle animal started in the late 1500s when the elephants repelled the Burmese and Khmer offensives to invade their kingdom. From there, elephants carried heavy loads like wood before machines were invented. The Thais respected this animal that it became part of the Siamese flag until the early 1900s. It’s even part of the official seals of eight Thailand cities and provinces.

However, logging was banned in 1989, and it left a void for these elephants because they participated in the destruction of their natural habitat. Elephants rampantly roamed the streets in search of food because they need at least 200 kilograms of it daily. Unfortunately, elephants are gradually losing their natural habitat, which causes them to assemble at wildlife sanctuaries and untouched forests.

However, this situation prompted some individuals to offer tourists the opportunity to ride at the back of these elephants. Over half of Thailand’s 3,000 captive elephants are used in trekking tours that last for about 45 minutes. These tours are often bundled with another activity by local organizers. You can also visit the camps and observe their actions without riding on their backs. However, they will oblige you to spend money on the bananas and pineapples that you will use to feed the elephants.

Elephant tours in Krabi

Some of these elephant tours that are found in Krabi offer various packages that can last from two to six hours. Aside from the elephant ride itself, you can also swim at a nearby river and take a trek on foot. Meanwhile, the six-hour schedule includes lunch and a visit to either an orchid garden or a fish farm. The two-hour elephant tour costs around 800 baht for adults while the half-day version is worth 1700 baht. Children’s rates are 400 and 900 baht, respectively.

Elephant tour organizers establish pick-up locations from Ao Nang beach and Krabi Town to the camp. They advise that you apply mosquito repellent, wear comfortable footwear, apply sunscreen, and wear eyeglasses as well. Pregnant women and people with neck or back problems are prohibited from taking the tour while the schedule is subject to change during unfavorable weather. Finally, no tourists can inflict harm to these gentle giants, or their tour gets canceled on the spot.

Your home in Krabi

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